Sock Monkey Madness

Welcome to Sock Monkey Madness. In 2004, while visiting a friend in Fort Lauderdale, I had a childhood flashback. Sock Monkeys. Since I'm a former Arts and Crafts instructor, I thought, "I could make a monkey." Thus began the research into the Rockford Red Heel work sock and the creation of a troop - or a pod - or a barrel of monkeys. This gallery is a record of those monkeys I've brought into the world.

1. Jezebel Mary

She was named after Mary P., the owner of a store in Fort Lauderdale called Jezebel. Mary and her store revived my memory of sock monkeys. Jezebel Mary has stars in her eyes and rainbow buttons. Because she is the first in the litter, she's very special. She immediately adopted Lea, so she will live here from now on...with Bear and all the other characters. Lea immediately dressed her in a pink sweater.

Aug. 22, 2004 - Jezebel Mary had some cosmetic surgery. New mouth, tail and earrings.

Jezebel Mary

March 1, 2004


March 1, 2004

2. Eleanor Elizabeth

EE seems to have a rather startled look. But if you look more carefully, you'll see that she has hearts for eyes, which is the look of love...if you are a sock monkey. Eleanor Elizabeth is named for two of my heroines, Eleanor Roosevelt and my dear aunt Elizabeth Ann Morris. She is going to live with another Elizabeth...our “adopted” daughter, Lizzy whose birthday is March 3. Eleanor is an artist just like Liz. If you look closely, you can see her artist palette.

3. Viola Swartz

This little monkey, named Viola Swartz , is clearly a very happy character. She loves her special hat and little red earrings in the shape of hearts. She was named for Viola Ridge, who was my next door neighbor, growing up in Chester, West Virginia.

She is going to live in Tallahassee with my sister, Cynthia. There isn't anyone who would appreciate this little monkey more than she will. For both of us, Viola Swartz will always remain a part of who we are today.


March 2, 2004


March 5, 2004

4. Rainbow Hattie

Hattie has a very unique hat, kind of a helmet made of buttons. It started with a green trim and one row of buttons and got away from me. Before I knew it, she had an entire button hat. Hattie was named for Lea's grandmother, Harriet. Hattie said she wanted to live in Boston, so she will soon be fostered out to our dear friend, Richard. I hope she likes rabbits, because there are lots of bunnies at Richard's house.

5. Princess Monique

This one has very sophisticated taste. You can tell this by her special mother-of-pearl earrings and her jaunty red hat. She has the distant stare and expression that clearly shows her roots as an upper crust monkey. She loves her sock monkey family and doesn't want to move far away.

She's ready to party with Connie and Jeff Stowell, who live nearby, in Gouverneur. She even has her own champagne glass.


March 12, 2004


March 12, 2004

6. Nutmeg MacMonkey

This little one has many interests. First and foremost, she is a Connecticut Women's Basketball fan. But she's also an Apple Computer power user. (Just like her new foster mothers, Deann and Susan.)

Nutmeg can't wait to watch the basketball games with them. She will travel from Maine to Florida every year. How exciting!

7. Minkey

How many people get this name as rather obscure allusion? It is, of course, from a Peter Sellers line... Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. Detective Dreyfus, Clouseau's boss, said that Clouseau had the "brain of a minkey."

Dreyfus: MINKEY??? You said Minkey!!!
Clouseau: Yes….a Chimpanzee Minkey

Minkey is going to live with our dear friend, Miss Maya, who certainly “gets it.”

“Do you have a license for that minkey?”


April 30, 2004

Rainbow Sally

May 14, 2004

8. Sally Rainbow

Meet Minkey's twin, Sally Rainbow. She lives in Florida with my mother, Helen. Helen had been sick for a while, and Sally cheered her up as she left the rehabilitation center.

Helen is all better now and Sally will help her feel better and better.

She looks exactly like Minkey because Minkey is such a beauty. She made a wonderful model...right down to the eyelashes.


July 15, 2004

9. Violet

Violet lives in Sebring, FL with Donna Barnhart. As soon as she moved to Florida, she had run-ins with hurricanes Charley and Ivan. Except for lack of electricity...she came through alright.

Violet loves to plant flowers and work in the garden with Donna. She has a dog friend named Patches. The photo here was taken with her monkey friend.

10. Sylvia Lebret

Sylvia Lebret now lives in Chicago, IL. Her new keeper, Val, came to Sylvia Lake for a visit and Sylvia couldn't wait to meet her. When Val arrived, Sylvia Lebret was in her sock-form. She made a surprising reformation and became herself while Val and Liz were on a fishing trip.

Sylvia has a special piercing and a tattoo, just like her friend Val.

Sylvia Lebret

August 10, 2004

new monkey

August 20, 2004

11. Rosebud

This little one was made as a gift for Paula Towne, a local artist. Her name is Rosebud. Paula generously gave us one of her vintage sock monkeys. We were very touched and wanted to return the favor.

She is called Rosebud because of her very special hat, decorated with a vintage button in the shape of a rose. Paula featured little Rosebud in one of her paintings called "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World." Rosebud is very thrilled.

12. Diana Pearl

Say hello to this cute thing, who will will live with Susan in Massachusetts. Her name is Pearl, in honor of her beautiful white "teeth."

Susan has been a dear friend and colleague for many years. When Susan came to the North Country for a visit, Pearl was waiting for her. Susan is a Virtual Explorer who has been on many expeditions. In 2001, Susan and the other virtual explorers spent two weeks in December researching Roloway monkeys in the thick forests of Ghana.

I wonder if Pearl is the spirit of one of those Roloway (also called Diana) monkeys who saw Susan and wanted to go home with her? Now this sock has.


August 22, 2004

olympia athena

August 22, 2004

13. Olympia Athena

This monkey was specially made for our friend, Mona. Her name is Olympia Athena. Mona deserved a monkey! She has just finished her 6th year degree in Library Media and received tenure from my former school system.

Mona and Olympia Athena are Greek and since the Summer Olympics were in Greece... we know that Ms Mona will be so glad to meet her and celebrate the games. Olympia Athena even has a medal. It has an owl on it, symbolizing learning and wisdom.

14. - 15. - 16. The Andrews Sisters
September, 2004

This was the month of the sisters...named in homage to the Andrews Sisters. Maxine has already been adopted out to our friends Janice and Chris, who live in North Carolina. She was sad to leave the twins, Patty and LaVerne, but is looking forward to a wonderful life in the South. Sisters Patty and LaVerne are now with my cousins in Florida. Patty now lives with Belinda and LaVerne lives with Belinda's sister Becky.

Real Andrews



September 22, 2004, Maxine goes home with Janice and Chris.

Here's a photo of Maxine, in her new home in North Carolina... Looks like Janice and Chris are taking good care of her.

...except for that leaving her out in the snow part.


Photo taken
December, 2006

17. Sylvia MacPalm

Sylvia is so cool, she lets her technology speak for her. A Mac or a handheld computer, no matter...she is always at home, relaxing with her gadgets.

Sylvia is one of the more stylish monkeys. Note the lovely logo t-shirt with matching hat. And the her new foster mother, Martha, she loves footware and always sports the most stylish.


October 25, 2004


18. Little Ruby

Little Ruby was made from a size Small Rockford Red-Heeled work sock. She is the first of a line of baby monkeys, so she gets to live with Lea and Shari and Jezebelle Mary. She has a little troll doll that lives in her waistband. His name is Eddie.

Ruby and Eddie are remembered and cherished by everyone...

December, 2004

19. Cousin June

June Hall was a special person. She was the second cousin of Lea and her brothers and their cousins, Billie Jean and Frank Seaker. June always loved to dress up and go shopping for fine clothes, purses and shoes.

So this Cousin June lives with Billie Jean and is dressed up in a most elegant dress and hat. In her purse, she carries a handkerchief, which the real June always carried.

December, 2004

Cousin June


20. Juniper Noel

This monkey LOVES walking the beach and collecting shells. She lives on Sylvia Lake most of the year, but enjoys traveling to Englewood, Florida with her friends Jon and Joan Jackson.

Although someday she is destined to live with Jon and Joan's granddaughter Jillian, for now she is helping Jillie make memories with her grandma and grandpa.

December, 2004

21. Valentine (Val) Townsend MacMonkey

Little Val will live in Port Townsend, WA. with our dear friend (and ex-sister in law) Deborah Kate. Deb's birthday is on Valentine's day and this little monkey has a heart on her chest. You can't see it very well under her overalls. Lea made her paper hearts for the photo and to keep her company on the trip to Washington state.

February, 2005

Val Townsend


22. Holly Hunter Hearn

Holly Hunter Hearn now lives in Michigan...with a summer home in Saranac Lake. She lives with Susan Hearn, Greg Dickson, and two lovely golden retrievers, Ginger and Sophie. Holly HH is so happy to live with Susan, our sister-in-law.

Holly Hunter was named for Holly Hunter, the actress because, for years, Sue has been involved in community theater.

Holly the sock monkey hopes that Ginger and Sophie never learn of her existence.

December 2006

23. Palmetto

This little monkey is VERY special. She is a sister to Ruby, another "little monkey" who lives with Lea and Shari. Palmetto stayed with us for a long time, till we were able to deliver her to the original Monkey Maven, Mary Ptak. (Winter, 2007)



Mary poses (left) with the original sock monkey, Jezebel Mary, her namesake.


May 1, 2007

24. JayJay Dickson

JayJay is a canoe instructor for the American Canoe Association. He was created for Jeff Dickson, on the occasion of a milestone birthday. JayJay is named for Jeffrey Jon.

Take note of his beautiful paddle. It was hand-crafted by Jeff's sister, Lea.

His canoe sandals are SO comfortable and his outfit is geared for his outdoor life. Oh, yes... and he has a beard just like Jeffrey Jon...


25. Usana Wallace

September 25, 2007

Liz Wallace is our friend and neighbor in St. Petersburg. She is a believer in the nutritional benefits of supplements made by a company called Usana Health Sciences, Inc.

So, to thank Liz and Tom for their help with our house while we were away, Usana was born.



Jezebelle Mary -- Aurora --- Little Ruby

26. Aurora

December 3, 2008

Aurora was born as a teaching tool. Our neighbor, Tracy, wanted to learn the steps in the creation of a sock monkey.

Aurora was a wonderful and patient teacher. Tracy's little girly monkey turned out beautifully with eye liner and a lovely outfit. She was a present for her niece, who learned how to make her own monkey in the Spring.

27. Billie Hobeau

September 7, 2009

Presented to our friends, Joan Howlett and Ann Beaulieu, Billie Hobeau is the most ardent Yankee fan in the world. Of course the next most ardent fans are Joan and Ann.

Billie is decked out with her own uniform and equipment. Bat, glove and ball... Billie is ready for the call. She wears #1 on her back, for her status as #1 fan.

She joins her sisters as a North Country monkey, since she will live in Norwood, New York.


28. Mini-Monk Whalen

Born: December, 2012 / Delivered March, 2013

Mini Monk is not only ready for fishing season, she's already caught a BIG ONE - a Walleye!. Armed with her favorite beverage and a working fishing pole, Mini Monk is a picture of fashion and functionality. She so takes after her new mom, Michele.

Her green shirt has little fish on it and her hat has a fishing fly, embroired on it. And check the stylish red sneakers. Soft.

Note in the photo, she has a "sea" of glass for her St. Lawrence River. But first, a fishing trip to Sanibel Island, Florida! Can't beat that...!

29. Meadow Summer

Born: December, 2012 / Delivered March, 2013

Little Meadow is sitting next to a bowl of sea shells. Sea shells remind Meadow of her favorite place - Sanibel Island. In fact, Meadow carries a shelling bag in her monkey backpack along with a yoga mat in case an opportunity presents itself for a stretch. Her new mama, Valerie, can help her find just the right movement.

Meadow is dressed in a tie-dye shirt under denim coveralls. Of course she has a shell and bead necklace and wears Birkenstocks on her legs... feet.

For her first outing in the world with her new mamas, she gets to go to Sanibel Island for a whole month. Lucky monkey... what a way to start her new life!